2021 Vision Board

2021 Vision Board and Blog Update

Hello there! Welcome back! It’s the new year which means that it is time for a new vision board. Last year went a little differently than planned but thats ok. I still achieved some goals that were on my 2020 VB and overall, was very blessed given the circumstances. I truly hope that you all are doing well too and are ready to start a fresh new year. If you want to see last year’s board, you can check it out here.



For any of you that may not be familiar with a vision board, let me explain a little. Some vision boards are more based on just sending positive energy out into the world and thats great and all but not really the kind of board we are talking about. The board I am referring to is a collection of images and words that represent your goals, ideas, inspiration, etc. in any way you like. The idea is that you look at the board everyday and remember your goals. Then, subconsciously you work harder to achieve them or make them happen. For example, you may be at Target, getting ready to get caught up in the magic that is Target and wanting to grab one of everything, but you will remember that new camera on your board and you will make the decision to buy less or not at all. you might wonder why you can’t just make the goals and why you need a vision board to actually achieve these things. It is because visualizing is such a powerful thing for us. By seeing your goals and being reminded of them all the time, you are going to work so much harder to achieve them.

It can sound a little hoaxy but it really does work! I like to set my board as my computer background so that it is very visible to me. You can make it your phone background or print it and paste it on your mirror, whatever works for you.

Here is a link if you want to read more about them and the psychology behind them.



Most items on the board are pretty self-explanatory but I plan on: redecorating the house as I mentioned before, create more content for you than last year, invest in a new/better camera, continue working on my content creator planner, get healthier by finishing PT and getting my strength back (I broke my collar bone last October), replacing the floors in our house, and finally buying myself a nice handbag.

Like I said before, not the most intricate goals, but they are achievable and will make this year productive for me. Leave me a comment and let me know if you also create vision boards each year or if you plan on trying it out this year.

2021 Vision Board



As far as this year, I have only a few goals and ideas. I want to keep it simpler as we never know what the year will be like, but we can make the most of it. I decided that, because we are all stuck at home a lot more, I want to focus on my home decor and aesthetic.Each month, I plan on redecorating, renovating, or redesigning each room in our 1,600 sq ft town home. I can’t wait to share each updated area with you here and on my social media! I have big plans. I also have tons of ideas for you all regarding travel, date nights out/in, outfits, and much more that will fit with our current situation.


Thank you guys so much for reading and I can’t wait to start sharing this year’s content with you!




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