kitchen and pantry organization tips

How I Organize My Kitchen & Pantry

Hello there and welcome to my kitchen. I have spent January getting my home more organized in preparation for the big refresh we are doing in 2021. Each month I will be tackling one room of the house and redecorating or finishing it up to make the house as cozy and welcoming as possible.

I have had tons of friends and family ask about what I did to organize our kitchen specifically, so I decided to make it a blog post and share ALL of the details. Everything I used will be linked. I hope you enjoy it!



Let’s start with the spices. One of my biggest pet peeves was the disorganized mess of a spice cabinet we had. It was impossible to find a spice and it took up so much space in the cabinet. So, I bought these jars and labels and fixed the problem.

tip: Organize spices with labels and tiered shelving for easier use and a cleaner look

Of course, if you don’t have an empty drawer to use for this, you can get a tiered shelf for a cabinet instead.I will link both just in case. Be sure you measure you drawer and get the right size if you do go that route.

kitchen and pantry organization

The labels are from a small Etsy shop called The Dwelling Company and I am obsessed with her labels! They provide such a clean look and she had a few different styles to choose from. I chose the Modern Minimalist labels.

kitchen and pantry organization

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Under The Sink

This has always been a hot mess as well. It felt so good to get it all under control. Adding a turn table for our cleaning products and dish soap was a game changer.

tip: Add rotatable storage to help you get to the things you use the most easily

We have been trying to use less paper towels, so I have been keeping the towel that I use to clean the counters every night on a command hook just inside the cabinet.

I purchased these little towel cloths in a big pack from Target and they work great. I roll them and keep them in this metal drawer storage thing for easy access. I also keep our washing machine safe sponges in the drawer. They wash great and really reduce waste. (note: I linked the larger size below because they are currently sold out of the smaller ones that we use but i’m sure they will restock soon and they seem to always carry them.)

tip: Try washable cloths and sponges to reduce waste and save a ton of money

I keep the dishwasher pods in a container on top, right in front of our trash bags.

Then, of course, I keep the roll of paper towels next to it just in case I need one for something a rag won’t work for. Keeping them down below makes me less tempted to use them all the time too.

kitchen and pantry organization

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The Pantry

kitchen and pantry organization

When we moved into our house, there was no pantry. When we redid the kitchen, I had them add a pantry around the fridge. It isn’t the biggest pantry but it works well for the two of us. I purchased the matching pantry labels from The Dwelling Company and they fit our jars perfectly.

tip: If you use glass jars like these for food storage, use a garage sale sticker to mark the expiration date on the top and put any cooking instructions inside the jar, visible to the back

kitchen and pantry organization

On the right side, we store our grains and flours and beans. Don’t worry, it DOES NOT always look this aligned and clean. Hubby doesn’t share my OCD tendencies. On the bottom we keep overflow or small packages of specialty rices and popcorn.

kitchen and pantry organization

kitchen and pantry organization

On the left side, we keep all of our soups, sauces, snacks, etc. Our pantry is deep enough for two of these plastic bins but I found that when we put things back there, I never remembered we had them and they would just go bad.

kitchen and pantry organization

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Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope that this inspired you to organize your home a little. Check back soon for our first room decorating post which will be a full tour of our kitchen.



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