What I Bought From Target’s New Releases and How I Styled It

Hello there! Welcome back to yet another Target home decor post. You will certainly notice a theme with me and Studio McGee. I absolutely love their pillows and blankets. You will see that I purchased quite a few from the new collection. The only downside to buying so many pillows is that they do take up a lot of storage space! We will be exploring some great storage ideas in a later post. They also had a lot of great candles and faux greenery to choose from. Let’s get into my latest purchases from Target!


The Bedroom

Like I said before, pillows are a huge weakness for me. So, why not start there… I bought a few pillows and blankets to try to Spring-if our bed. I still don’t know which I like better.

Option #1

This leafy/floral quilt was a little bit different for me. It gave me some cottage core vibes but also felt classy and not too granny-ish. I love how it adds a Spring feeling to our room and I think that once the nightstands arrive, the whole bed area will come together. I layered this beige throw over it but it is pretty big so it would also look great at the end of a bed, which you will see below in option 2.

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Option #2

I love this long lumbar pillow that Studio McGee released with the collection. It is a linen-like material and has the perfect warm neutral shades in it. I plan on trying a different color square pillow behind it but it looks pretty good with the gray ones as well.

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The Living Room

Ever since we got the new sofa in December, I have been trying to curate the perfect set of pillows for it, in the perfect color palette. It is still a work in progress but I found this little plaid lumbar pillow and it looks great with the curtains and the pillows I had collected so far!

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I also picked up a few random shelf-styling and table-styling pieces. 

I am so in love with this bowl. I can’t even really pin point why I love it so much but it is so unique and dainty. It really reminds me of the French aspects of decor that I love. It would be gorgeous with some moss balls, fruit, or even pinecones in the fall.

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Ribbed glass has become a major trend lately. I spotted this candle and had to bring it home. It is in a stunning ribbed glass container that will be super cute on its own once the candle has finished and it smells like roses and vanilla. It is big enough to make a statement but still small enough to fit great on almost any surface.

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They have had this marble tray for a while now but they seem to restock it pretty often. It is perfect for a coffee table, bed, or pouf. We obviously keep our remotes and magazines in ours. It usually stays on the coffee table but it would also look great on an ottoman. Our ottomans are also from Target with Studio McGee. The come in a ton of patterns and neutral colors.

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The Kitchen & Patio

There were a ton of new vases in the new release this season! I love how they chose muted colors and natural textures for them. I restrained myself and only purchased this one mustard/clay colored one and I love it. I stuck some of the hydrangeas from Pottery Barn in it and they fit perfectly. They are seriously some of the most realistic looking hydrangeas I have found.

Obviously these hand towels are very wrinkly but they seem like they are meant to be that way. They are kind of a canvas/linen material and I love how organic they look. 

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I never though that I would need a bread basket in my life. Whenever we have friends or family over for dinner, I always just stuck the communal bread in a bowl or on a plate. When I was browsing the Hearth and Hand section though, I saw this bread basket and decided it would be cute AND functional in our home. 

Then I came across the scalloped plates and I couldn’t help but picture them with the rest of our french/cottage inspired dishes. They are so chic and the perfect size for appetizers or bread. I think I saw them in four or five different pastel colors. Naturally, I chose the cream but if you like blue, pink, yellow, or green then you are in luck. 


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